How To Get Six Pack Abs In A Month

With the summer sun shining splendidly it is time to hit the beaches and let your sizzling body bask in the magical atmosphere. However, many people are too self-conscious and insecure about their shape because of which they end up missing out on this pristine environment. Getting a set of six pack abs is the best way to overcome this coyness and insecurity. Contrary to popular belief it does not take years to attain the ideal abdominal image, yet it requires commitment and hard work. In this article, we will outline some extremely easy ways to develop six pack abs quickly.

The internet is filled with tall talks and false promises of the ideal body image with supplements created in heaven and pills that turn you into Greek Gods. However, the truth is that to get a set of perfect abs requires control, relentless toil and sacrifice. There is no divine short cut for a sustainable set of six packs. You need to lose fat and water with exercise as well as take proper nutrition to build muscle mass and shape it properly. Although, without proper diet and control of how much macronutrients you take it does not matter how well shaped your abdominal muscles are because they will not show until you lose the layer of fat concealing them.


The significance of protein for muscle mass development cannot be overstated. Lean protein helps your metabolism since calories are burnt in decomposing it in the body. Protein is the fundamental building block of the muscle tissue. Protein should be taken early in the morning for two important reasons: throughout the day your body will burn calories as you work and your desire to eat repeatedly throughout the day will decrease which will make it easier for you to maintain your diet.

Secondly, carbohydrates are not the enemy. Not all of them, anyway. One of the most common novice mistakes is to radically reduce carb consumption since it reduces the energy you will have: this reduces the effectiveness of workout since you tire out quickly, but worse it can lead to skinny fat syndrome. Additionally, white carbs should be avoided. Slow carbs or whole grains are actually beneficial for the body because they are rich in fiber.

Thirdly, it is important to consume healthy amounts of selective fats. Unsaturated fats such as those available in dry fruits and olive oil stabilize insulin levels. Insulin governs the way fat is metabolized and produced within the body. Hence, to lose the belly fat which is tied down to several heath risks besides aesthetic appeal, healthy insulin levels need to be maintained.

Additionally, it is advisable to remain hydrated and cut out processed foods.

The Routine

There are many exercises you can perform without the need for any major equipment in the comfort of your house. These exercises ensure that there is a well-shaped, strong muscle base once you start losing the fat.

Pushups are one of the most commonly known exercises, and often underestimated. Place your hands more than shoulder length apart while lying down with your face to the ground and torso lifted. Lower yourself until the chest just touches the ground and breathe out. Then raise yourself back to the starting position, hold for a second and repeat.

Planks are another common and effective ways to get abs. With elbows aligned with the shoulders, forearms on the floor and toes into the ground lift your core and thighs. Maintain the position to work on both abs as well as back. Flexed butt and abs are a good sign for determining if your posture is correct.

Bicycle crunches are another important exercise. Lie down on the floor with hands under your head, knees bent and feet flat on the ground. With raised shoulders, lift your legs and bend your knees at 90*. Then begin to pedal as you would if you were riding a bicycle.

However, for better and quicker results you will have to start weight training at some point. Dumbbell fly is a good place to start. Lie down on a bench with weights in both hands. Push the dumbbells up and out and then slowly swing them out. Then bring them back in.

Barbell bench press with medium grip is another very effective exercise that develops your chest as well as abs. Lie down on a flat bench and grab the bar from the middle. Then, lift the bar from the rack and hold it straight over you with arms locked. Lower the bar until it touches your chest. Then push it back up while breathing out.

Additionally, cardio is vital to get those rips abs. Running, cycling, swimming and tennis are all great options for you to burn fat.

Follow these guidelines religiously and you will begin to see a striking difference within a month. Fitness is important not only to find potential partners while you show off your six packs at the beach but also for your health!